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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  December 7, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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. >> this is wjz, baltimore. from the city to the county to your neighborhood. now is complete coverage, wjz,
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maryland's news station. >> the shooting at the -- >> gun fire break out inside a baltimore hotel, what caused the chain of violence and who is being charged in the case. >> hello gone. i'm don scott. >> i'm salary. >> two people have been charged so far, in connection with a very violent wirth day party downtown -- birthday party downtown early yesterday morning. we will go live with the latest on the investigation. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, everyone. right now police have no notive. they say a teenager walked into the hotel room with a massive gun but the was the gunman himself who ended up in the worst condition. what was meant to be a birthday party inside the shearton turned into a shoot out identified as 19-year-old raymond, police say he entered a room of several young people with a tech 9 considered a hand gun and shot another 19-year- old, marquis johnson. >> that's a heavy gun for
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somebody to carry inside a hotel like that. how did you get it through the doors. >> first thing in the morning read about it on the news. pretty crazy. two of the victims friends, 21-year-old omar and 22-year- old dominique anderson pried the gun away. >> after omar and anderson disarmed woodland they held him down and beat him so severely he was transport today university hospital and he is in critical condition. hotel authorities are not commenting on the brawl. the police commissioner calls it an isolated, he urges action about what had he calls bad guys with gun. >> this was a big gun this guy carried around for who knows how long and takes it into a birthday party. we need people to get angry about that and do something about it. >> johnson who was shot in the face is expected to recover. the gunman however, remains in
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critical condition at the hospital, if and when he is released police will charge him with first and second degree attempted murderment we are live in downtown baltimore, eyewitness new. >> >> thank you very much. the two men accuseded in the beating of the man with a gun face attempted murder charge. >> >> on the temporary restraining order filed against line backer, terrell suggest suggs, and spilled bleach on her over an argument over game ticket, the mother of his two children received the temporary protective order friday, it requires him to stay away from williams. another hearing has been scheduled for friday. the man convicted of murdering an innocent baltimore county woman could face had his fate todayed. or shot and killed in january, in had her middle river home, the 58-year-old grandmother was outside at the
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time taking out her trash. they found yates guilty. they say he was aiming at someone who cheating him out of money during a drug deal and mistakenly shot her instead. yates is scheduled to receive his sentence today. whack to you. two other men were sentenced for their roll in the drug deal that resulted in her death. what would be the biggest slots casino may take another step toward reality tonight. plans to vote on a zoning, to the mall. the baltimore based company has been seeking state license and county zoning for it. the maryland slots commission is expected to vote to grant a gambling license today, shortly before the counsel vote tonight. it is another da i to turn off the heat. have you noticed chilly and partly cloudy this noon across the region but the sun is at least making an appearance. we are live with first washing weather, tim is in the out back. >> hey tim.
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>> first we begin with meteorologist bern. >> it is much warmer and that's for sure. we want to show you there's a storm going through and we get these clouds from, and that's why we are seeing snow showers out west. this is nothing heavy, there's barely any moi's measure but it is generally passing by to the north, occasional flurries and clouds for the rest of us as we head through the afternoon. believe it or not, it is actually warmer than it was yesterday, despite the clouds being around, where we only got to 235 35รก yesterday afternoon, today, aubrey up to 39, and we are going into the low 40s. but for more on what's going on today, in another place in the country, we have tim in the out back. >> we are still melting down from the weekend event and the sun is keeping it comfortable as truth be told, the ice falling off of the tower is indication we are warming out here. but it is going to feel like this in another part of the world. let's talk about green bay and lambo field, 23 at game time,
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kick off is at 8:30, mostly cloudy, light snow potentially through that game with the temperature the end, of course our kick off is -- coverage starts at 8:30. it will be chilly, so hopefully in the snow. we will have that coming up, and tim watch out for that, it is a big game in wisconsin tonight. to face the packers before the national audience and you, it is ron back at good afternoon, ron. >> the ravens playoff champs, a big boost after the steelers were upset by the raiders yet but the ravens must win tonight, 6-5 off the big win, over the steelers. tonight's game at legendary lambo field, the oldest stadium still in use in the nfl.
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once you get out there, you have a -- after that. what comes with limitation lambo field, everything is cold and you see the snow on the ground and you see how cold it is and it is just have fun, it is just football. it is football, but those stadiums, those old stadiums like that are the ones that keep the tradition of football alive. >> some of this important game tonight, ravens will make a -- wait and see, come right here to, we are checking the numbers, take part in our poll. right now the results are pretty evenly split. don, big game tonight, back to you. thank you. john will be proud of all of us. >> remember you can see the ravens and the packers right
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here on wjz 13, on wjz. weeks of -- how to slow global warming. some have sparked demonstrations across the world as leaders from 192 nations, today the environmental, gas is a danger to human health. the quite is taking actions to come fight global warming, even though. >> it was not going to be anything left for the future generation. >> no borders. it does not discriminate, it affects us all. >> this is considered the largest u.n., the fight crowd lead to rising conditions, flooding of conditions, and still to come on wjz eyewitness
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news, the fights over abortion funding, could break the health care reform bill. a look at the heated debate. putting an ento costly atm fees, a new push to get rid of the extra charges when you withdraw cash. stick around your complete first warning weather forecast is still coming up. . >> complete coverage continues with don scott with mary
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. >> today the quite is marking the 68th anniversary of the pearl harbor attacks that propelled us into world war ii. flags are flying a ceremony is being held at pearl harbor r to commemorate the more than 2400 people who died when japanese war planes launched an attack on the us specific fleet. four american battleships sank and 188 were destroyed. many marines and soldiers are still in submerged usa arizona. the united states senate is tackling one, abortions, conservatives want to make sure federal money won't be used for the procedure but liberals say their plan goes too far. >> today's debate in the
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senate, centers around one of the most controversial parts of the reform bill. abortion rights. conservatives including some democrats are pushing an amendment that would block from covering abortions. even if the proceed injury completely paid for by the patient's premiums. that is the same wording the house included in its version of the health care reform plan earlier this year. liberal senators say no deal. >> frankly i think that goes too far. the majority will oppose this and leaf the current law if place, no federal money for abortion services. >> democrats are negotiating with each other trying to find compromises on the abortion issue and the so-called public option which is basically a government-run insurance program. president obama made a rare sunday appearance on capitol hill pushes democrats to pick up the pace but republicans want to slow down. >> this bill makes things worse for the american people, not better. this is not the right
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prescription for health care in america. >> senate leaders want to finish before they go home for the holiday, all 58 members of the party plus who independent or republicans to make that happen. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. currently uninsured and prohibit insurance companies from denying conch to those with preexistic. a new batch of public service announcements tar eting children and their parent, young adults and those in high risk group, in english and spanish, the shortage of vaccine is easing with another 10 million doses expected this week. the cdc estimates 22 million people have been infected with swine flu, and 3900 have died from it. in maryland, 35 people have died from the illness. >> there is a new push to save us from paying some atm fee,
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from hitting consumer with fees twice, per transaction. 72% of barnings charge when a customer uses another bank atm though they already pay a fee to the bank that own that is machine. still ahead a live lookout side, meteorologist woods will be back with your first warning forecast. but first let's look at today's midday stocks. when it comes to constipation relief... miralax is the one. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. it doesn't cover evething. and what it doesn't cover can cost you some money. that's why you should consider... an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by united healthcare insurance company. it can help cover some of what medicare doesn't... so you could save up to thousands of dollars... in out-of-pocket expenses. call now for this free information kit...
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. >> welcome back everybody. see the clouds coming is going through the day, that's because there is a front actually passing generally through the area, this is not a whole lot to it. off to the north you see a little bit more but still none of this is heavy. a few flurries, that's about it. we will switch it over and show you we've had the clouds come and go, and it even looks like there have been a few flurries but most of that is not to the ground. the air is just so dry on top of us. the wind have turned to the south and that's warming us up today from yesterday, we are up to 40 already in baltimore. we only got to 35 for our high yesterday, despite the sunshine that was out there. still hanging on to 32 though in cumberland and that ranges to 46 in ocean city. taking in a bit closer you can see everyone from the upper 30s to right around 40 degrees, and the further south you go we are into the 40s. here is the storm making its way through and off to the north a little more, but still
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none of this is heavy, not like the last storm that did come through, this one will come and go pretty quickly, tomorrow we get a break in the action but then another one comes our way late near the week and the next one does have a lot more to it. here is the first one, high pressure in between, here is an excellent, it comes up from the south. now, initially in the west it could start as a mix but for most of us this is going to start and it will be a rain event into some milder air. and what i mean by milder is not warm but above freezing temperatures. so that's what we are looking at for wednesday. after this all swings out of here wednesday night, a big time effect is going to kick in. that will bring snow into western parts, a windy cold day on thursday but the rest of us could have snow bands all the way down through the bay. right now out on the waters, the temperature around 50. winds at 5 to 10 and looking at a forecast for today, out in lambo field, it is going to be a cold one, it will live up to its name, 23 degrees at the beginning. there's a winter storm warning
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in effect also, and then temperatures will get up as we head through the day. for us today not that bad. we are getting into the mid- 40s, clouds and sunshine and tonight, we drop down to about 30-degree, tomorrow again cloud and sunshine but it will start to take over, rain arriving tomorrow night. 46 tomorrow, but then we turn much colder toward the end of the week. that is coming up shortly. >> finally, declared yourself with that helmet. [ laughter ] >> still to come on eyewitness news at noon, researchers fix a broken heart. stem cells may be the answer. >> we are always on, for instant updates, log on to
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>> in today's health watch, adult stem cells may help fix broken hearts. stem cells from bone marrow spurred -- damaged by a heart attack. patients who got the stem cells were four times more likely to be better off overall, with blood with each heart beet andless irregular heart beats. >> the cause of childhood obesity. a team looked at dna of 300 children who have obese and found some children with missing dna segments had very strong urges to eat constantly.
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>> the makers of 24 different prescription pain -- to crack down on the misuse of their drugs. the move comes in response to intense pressure from the fda to stop the hundreds of fatal overdoses that occur each year. among the suggestions giving patient medication guides, sending letters to doctors and additional doctor training. be sure to check in with eyewitness news today at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. firefighters injured a family of five trapped inside. think risk life and limb to get them out. security breach, by crashing the state dinner learning this is far from the first time t secret service dropped the ball. join us with these and more today at 4:00 right after dr. phil. >> join us again in a moment for the five day for
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when it comes to constipation relief... miralax is the one. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. . >> here is the five day forecast. >> we expect to see sun tomorrow but clouds for the afternoon and evening with a strong storm system approaching. we will see a chance of rain late tomorrow night and that chance stays with us through wednesday. wecks peck to see it, 46 on tuesday, 46 on wednesday and temperatures take a hit but sun at the end of week, 38 on thursday, 37, 36, overnight lows from about freezing which will be the warmest night of the week. down into the 20s. >> thank you, tim. >> it is cold. don't forget to tune in to wjz
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for night football tonight. our special coverage kicks off at 8:00 followed by eyewitness news. a lot of cold people tomorrow. >> thank you
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